Booty and the Bling

by Maharani

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released August 2, 2011

All tracks written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Maharajah.

All drums written by Maharajah and mixed by Navillus.

All tracks performed by Maharajah except for "Outtakes That Didn't Make It (We Put the Moron in Oxymoron)" performed by Maharajah and Chris "Brown" LaCasse.

Kanye West painting by Casey Bishop. (all other art by yours truly)




Maharani Germany

I want love, healthcare & LSD for everyone. Capitalism causes the most suffering in this world & damage to Earth. I want for all armies to be abolished. We are one of many animal species & not superior. I want the planet to be saved. Return power from the filthy rich to the communities. I want people of all genders to grow their hair out. Every border should be erased. I want a peaceful revolution ... more

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Track Name: Merry Underworld Pandemonium
Rowin' a boat on the river Styx
I was told to ferry the hicks
Sometimes I need a fix
Or at least some sweet guitar licks
Don't too often see good-lookin' chicks
Most people I transport are pricks
I have permission to delete them with two clicks
You should see them excretin' those bricks

It's all merry in our underworld pandemo-
nium, everyone is calling out "behold and Lo"
We make people dance by shooting bullets between their shoes
If they behave, I take them for a cruise

Wager whose service is cheaper
Mephistopheles or the Grim Reaper?
I'm bound to tell you if you enter here
You can't go back to the atmosphere
We don't judge you, whatever you've done
But we might barbecue you for fun
You're here forever, if all hell breaks lose
You might hurt but won't retain even a bruise

It's all merry in our underworld pandemo-
nium, everyone is calling out "behold and Lo"
We make people dance by shooting bullets between their shoes
If they behave, I take them for a cruise

In my back I feel a painful sting
Guess I wasn't supposed to sing
Turns out it's Lucifer's trident
He says he shouldn't have been confidin'
In me to act all sinister
He didn't think I was such a jester
Is there a lesson to learn
For someone who's going to burn?
Track Name: Someone's Blues
This is someone's blues and I hope it's not MINE
Because I'm built near WATER
I'm trying to figure out whose thoughts I'm THINKING. Whose ship is SINKING? I need to help them but I can't SWIM
Whom should I call for HELP?
Meanwhile the victims are biting the KELP or at least those of them who were even able
To leave the SHIP, survival chances were SLIM from the start on this fatal TRIP
Guess we're all doomed, nowhere to go, not unlike this verse, only half a QUARTER
To go. On the other end I can see the sun SHIIINE

Here we go, the backing track doesn't sound like sunshine anyMORE,
Finding rhymes is such a CHORE, wonder whether anyone noticed
The ABCDDCBA rhmye scheme that the previous verse emPLOYED
The good Dr. FREUD would've enJOYED my breaking the fourth wall
Yes, that's right, his name is not FRUIT, guess to whom I'm about to alLUDE?
You called it, the good Dr. SEUSS. As you can tell from my VOICE
His name does not rhyme with JUICE, do English-SPEAKING people think only of eat-and-DRINKING?,
It's on the NEWS, like the ship SINKING... the one that I mentioned before

Tell you about the days when I fought a lion with my bare hands,
She was a bit importunate, only wanted to cuddle
But I was on my way to the night club, didn't want to miss the polonaise,
Which I told her, she was unforGIVING, said "how'm I supposed to make a LIVIN'"
We aGREED to MEET later and for ME not to CHEAT, looked down to my FEET,
Knew I'd never HATE HER, but though I was in love I knew I shouldn't DATE HER
She looked soft and fluffy but I was just a human, she a lioness.
As FATE would have it, I got very high and lost at the CLUB, hoped she didn't get SHOT.
Track Name: The Long Run
It's a long way to go, a long way to run
15 million miles in the sun yet I'm not sure
Where to go or what to do when I'm there, not to keen on a love affair
I'm in love with myself
Which you really got to be on a journey like this, no books upon a shelf
Where's your fantasy now? A moment of bliss
As I spy an oasis, no way sis!
I'm dying, a chance to get clean, hygiene comes first, second is thirst
Is that an apparition?
Sorry girl, I'm on a mission to get out of here, which way do I steer?
Lost my orientation during the war
Which I can't remember when I fought... sorry, catch you later.

Back to terra cognita, I'm roaming my home town
Gotta love the sound of the city, she's singing a ditty
For me and for you, she's giving us a clue but I'm hopelessly lost
Please, can we just make love?
I know I'm sweating but it's okay
I brought you a present, the feathers of a pheasant
It doesn't get more romantic than that, you can put them on a hat
Even if it's the only thing you wear

If there's just one thing I've learned on my odyssey
When nobody knows you, you can feel free
If you meet a pheasant, don't remember after you're long gone
Take some feathers for your special one, that's better in the long run.
Track Name: Booty and the Bling
(Ah... yo... Schneeflocke
We don't really work like that. Okay
This song is about some damn fine booty... and some bling
He's a really sweet... lovely man.
Together they are the booty... the booty and the bling.

The other day I found myself a nice booty girl
I made her mine, she was a nice addition to my world
Guess what I saw on her head when the hairband unfurled?
You guessed it, she had the most amazing set of curls
I provided her with the necessary amount of bling
Before, she was uncool; now we are queen and king
We be strollin' and bouncin' like it ain't a thing
On my right hand fingers I am wearing fourteen rings
I give her two or three of them as a gift
As a countermove she has to promise to get a facelift
I saw her facial muscles twist and shift
But in the end she agreed, I don't suffer of thrift.

Afterwards I showed her around to my homeboys and friends
They approved, she's corresponding to the current trends
One of them had a hard time to keep to himself his hands
He touched her booty, but that booty's mine
I shoot him in the head for which I'll probably get a fine
At the local burger restaurant we proceed to dine
People wantin' autographs have to stand in a line
Many of them have never seen so much bling before
One of them looks like a really poor blighter, I give him four
Four what? Four of my rings, and then he's shown the door.
Hiphop is the only music that we're listening
To, I appreciate the bass drum and a chicken wing
Only one way to live my life and here's the thing:
Booty and the bling, bling and the booty and the bling!

On my way home, lots of things happened but here's the gist
Gropin' my testicles like a REAL gangster as we kissed
Didn't feel too good, I might have to see a urologist...
...One of my balls is bidin' farewell, he will be sorely missed
All in all, a normal - might say typical day
Standin' at her door, she asks me "you wanna stay?"
I have to refuse so my response is "nay"
I'll find another booty girl with ease tomorrow, anyway.

(Yo... I'm-a let you finish...
But Kanye West had the best hiphop albums of all time... of all time.)
Track Name: Maharajah and Chris "Brown" LaCasse - Outtakes That Didn't Make It (We Put the Moron in Oxymoron)
Shorty, I think your tits are way too big
I'm not black, so I'm wearing an afro wig
Anyways, maybe you should go and have 'em deflated
With a vacuum cleaner, now won't that leave you frustrated?!

Bitches, you ain't got no class
Tryna come up here like you got some kinda ass, haha!
Man, you are really dumb
Even got no rule of thumb
And look at all y'all
Tryna come up here, dance like it's some sort of ball.

Nigger your booty ain't shit!
Look at mine, it's an enormous tit!

Bitches, you ain't got no ass
Tryna come up here like you got some kinda class, haha!
Man, you are really dumb
And even got no rule of thumb
And look at all y'all
Tryna come up here, dance like it's some sort of ball - BALL!