Sea of Cables

by Psychotropic Soul

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Pls pump up the volume real good - we do not take part in loudness silliness. Our position is to make lo-fi recordings with a hi-fi sound instead of the other way around

The bonus items are artwork & lyrics & credits & tracklist

This EP was approved by the Indian EP Approval Committee.


released December 11, 2012

Psychotropic Soul is Fusty Rebel and Maharajah. See track credits for further info we consider you privvy to. For most intents & purposes consider this EP to be written, performed, produced, recorded & mixed by Psychotropic Soul & mastered by Maharajah

Cover artwork & band name: Fusty Rebel
EP title: Maharajah




Maharani Germany

I want love, healthcare & LSD for everyone. Capitalism causes the most suffering in this world & damage to Earth. I want for all armies to be abolished. We are one of many animal species & not superior. I want the planet to be saved. Return power from the filthy rich to the communities. I want people of all genders to grow their hair out. Every border should be erased. I want a peaceful revolution ... more

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Track Name: Cocoons
HOW are you today, every day?
Winter wove fate both late and soon
Caterpillar in a cocoon
Sings to spring her tune
A tune that as a butter-
Fly she's gonna croon

"Slap, woman
Slap, woman"
Track Name: 22
Wake up, get up, stand up, walk out the door in my pyjamas
People think I'm a lunatic in which they are right
In so far as I'm drunk without ever drinking, inebriated always
I'm not rhymin', which I don't mind, one of a lucky kind
Pass the spliff, I take a whiff
I don't feel anything, maybe it's a condition, the one aforementioned

Hey dude I just lit up
This is some good shit, this is the real shit

This second verse was written later than the first
Dams are great, but I like them better when they burst
Monumental thirst for adventure and experience
Different from my worst time, depressed bugs and cheery ants
Everything blends, what's caused my mind to bend?
Zip, unzip it, dip and rip it, I think I'm... gonna dance
Don't stand a chance, graffiti cans, friends
Romance, everything this does enhance
Track Name: Shades and Shoes
Got my shoes on, and my shades

One recent time in Mexico
There was a wonderboy, he had the flow
For music, he had a natural gift
He liked to comb through stores of thrift

Another boy, back in Europe of old
He liked to turn up the bass tenfold
Whenever these two combined their forces
The result would be so magical, you'd wonder what the source is

One other time, the second boy (that's me)
You know, he was a bit coy, you see
There was this girl I consider to be pretty
So I went to sing her a ditty

The girl, albeit flattered by this act,
Said she had to go to sleep now, in fact
So she threw me out as the song fades
I said "well, I got my shoes on and my shades."
Track Name: The Jamon Twist (Bucket Reverser)
Grabbin' on your jamón
(Coca-cola body)
Grabbin' on your jamón
(Coca-cola body)
Grabbin' on your jamón
(Coca-cola body)
Grabbin' on your jamón
(Coca-cola body)

Grabbin' on your jamon
Grabbin' on your jamon
Grabbin' on your jamon
Grabbin' on your jamon

Psychotropic Soul inna-de-house
Fusty Rebel and M-A-H-A-R-A-J-A-H inna-de-house

A-son of a bitch, once upon a time,
Had bacon and ham for breakfast at noon
His beverage of choice was vodka and lime
A choice that he was going to be regretting soon

At 3, he felt unwell and had to rest
At 5, he was throwing up all over the place
At 7, his faith in God came to a test
At 9, he hoped he could die with grace

A miracle of sorts happened at eleven
A girl came through the door and said "hello"
Why is it that I have to, in the name of heaven,
Always add girls into my raps and flow?
Track Name: She Crush
It's the way of the road when it comes to me
It's the way of the road when it comes to me
It's the way of the road when it comes to me
It's the way of the road when it comes to me
Brown bottles of whiskey on my floor

And each one is empty, just like my soul
Never mind the brakes 'cause I've got what it takes
To keep it on the white line

My love is for you
Oh, my love is for you
My love, all my love is just for you

First day of snow, I thought I should treat my soul and psyché
To a psychedelicious, not vicious nor malicious
E X P E R I E N C E. Asked a girl "will you agree and oversee me
On my way to wonderland?" - She said: "Can I take your hand
And go with you there? Let's be aware of things that have so far been spared
From us and ours and our conscious." - "Yeah, take part and fly and don't just
Wonder what might have been."