by Maharani

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Recorded and mixed on a Tascam Portastudio 424 Mk II (except for tracks 02, 11, 12 and 13).

23. Please Don't Eat Me is dedicated to the decoupling capacitor noise that pervades this album.


released March 16, 2016

All tracks written, performed, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Maharajah except:

Drums written, performed, recorded and mixed by John Bombson on:

01. Indoctry Nation
08. Beach Party
15. Solomon
16. Capsaicin
19. Silk

Drums written, performed and recorded by Joey Vetter on:

03. Jungle Pond
04. Leaving Traces
06. Yin Yang
09. Dancing on the Peak
17. Summer on the Range
18. Uphill Stream
21. Chminaca

Drums performed, recorded and mixed by Ronald "Cockboy" Johnson on:

Yin 05. Tasmañan Cameras
Yin 07. Chili Flakes
Yang 09. Manic Eras
Yang 11. Náhuatl Flowers

Yang 05. Capsaicin contains portions of "Gone Are the Days" written and performed by the Links and used courtesy of Warganized Records.

John Bombson and Ronald "Cockboy" Johnson appear courtesy of Warganized Records.

Artwork by Fabian Martin.




Maharani Germany

I want love, healthcare & LSD for everyone. Capitalism causes the most suffering in this world & damage to Earth. I want for all armies to be abolished. We are one of many animal species & not superior. I want the planet to be saved. Return power from the filthy rich to the communities. I want people of all genders to grow their hair out. Every border should be erased. I want a peaceful revolution ... more

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Track Name: Maharajah and John Bombson - Indoctry Nation
The sound is fat
Recording cassette
Because even DAT is too far advanced

You might wanna get
A drink and be sat
Before this jet from your speakers is lanced

Hold onto your hat
'Cause only a cat
Is not gonna bat an eyelash

Unless she's upset
Then you call a vet
And make sure your pet stays stylish.
Track Name: Maharajah and Joey Vetter - Leaving Traces
Test my ropes, will they hold?
God is watching me unfold
Live my life so free
Can you please not bother me?

Don't know how to tell a lie
Wouldn't ever hurt a fly
Love my life mostly
Hide my pain, won't let you see

One of these days
I'll fly away

But for now I'll see my girl soon
Only one who makes me swoon
Live my life so free
Music is my place to be

One of these days
I'll fly away
But when I do
Ask me to stay.
Track Name: Maharajah and Joey Vetter - Yin Yang
Mother said to her baby girl
"It's a beautiful dangerous world"
Girl went and took the car and said her grace
As tears streamed down her pretty face

Car crashed into a deep blue lake
People mourning her, feelings fake

Girl went to heaven, her eyes went wide
God and the devil sitting side by side
God laughed and said "do you see the light?"
And the devil played the piano for the girl that night.
Track Name: Maharajah and John Bombson - Beach Party
Going to the beach, we're gonna have a party
Run in the sand and feel so cool

Jump in the sea, swim with the dolphins
Dive underwater, floating free
Everyone is looking psychedelic
Turtles want to be our friends

Back on the beach, the sun is setting
Light a fire, gaze at the stars
Roast marshmellows, be silly
Sea lions playing ball with us

Energy is running high
Turn up the music and dance and sing!

Everyone has a girl to kiss
Now we lie down and dream.
Track Name: Lizard Wizard
Lizard, lizard, what you got for me?
Lizard wizard, wishes, one, two, three
Lizard, lizard, give me them for free
But then my cat ate it.
Track Name: Maharajah and John Bombson - Solomon
Two whores stood before the king
Alice told him "Sarah took my son
The child that she bore was dead
So she took away my baby"

Sarah said "no, I've been good
Gave birth to a healthy child
In the morning when I woke
He was feeding at my breast

Then I looked to see this whore
Hold her stillborn in her arms
I'm not smart but this I know
Dead babies drink no milk"

Alice said "my king, I swear
This living child you see is mine
In the morning when I woke
In his crib was Sarah's son"

So the king said to his slave
"Bring a sword before my throne
Cut the baby child in half
Give one half each to the whores"

Alice cried out screaming "no
I'd rather see him live with her"
Sarah said "cut him in half
He'll be neither mine nor hers."
Track Name: Maharajah and Joey Vetter - Summer on the Range
Summer on the range
Why do I feel so strange?
Sent away from home
To where the angels roam

Live my life in fear
The end is very near
I feel so alone
They'll break my every bone

Summer swept the land
And took my only friend
Far away from home
Stumbling through the (gloam.)
Track Name: Maharajah and John Bombson - Silk
Forsake my soul
Leave my heart
Take your toll
Pry apart

This is your chance
Soothe me
Quiet dance
Bite my lip

Shed your wings
Little girl
Ooh your smell
Makes my blood swirl

Come along.
Track Name: Maharajah and Ronald "Cockboy" Johnson - Náhuatl Flowers
Cold wind and a mist
Thoughts of girls that I kissed
My sin

Náhuatl flowers
Náhuatl flowers
World is ours

Alone animal soul
Hearts turning to coal
Tough skin

Náhuatl flowers
World is ours
Raincloud showers

Born in a strange world
Should have been a girl
Soft skin

God raising his hand
Tree skin

Rainbow showers
World is ours
Náhuatl flowers.