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released November 30, 2013

MAHARAJAH with OHYEAH guest-starring CHOCOLATE FACTORY - BESIDES (((12:02)))

A ((5:54))
1. Psychotropic Soul - Lucky Charm (3:11)
2. Chocolate Factory and Maharajah - Krautrock (Unfinished) (2:43)

B ((6:08))
1. Psychotropic Soul - Polaroids (Unfinished) (2:54)
2. Psychotropic Soul - Heroin (Unfinished) (3:14)

Maharajah - drums sampling, acoustic guitar, vocals
OhYeah - bridge vocals

Chocolate Factory - kraut rock
Maharajah - solo synth

Maharajah - acoustic guitar
OhYeah - vocals

OhYeah - divinely inspired music
Maharajah - bass and vocals

OhYeah has previously been known as Fusty Rebel.


Photo by Maharajah
Design by Karina Ruiz

[18.11.2013 18:40:34] OhYeah: But i mean think about it
[18.11.2013 18:40:39] OhYeah: music, art, inventions
[18.11.2013 18:40:42] OhYeah: all came from imagination
[18.11.2013 18:40:47] OhYeah: they're all sort of
[18.11.2013 18:40:50] OhYeah: whats the word
[18.11.2013 18:40:59] OhYeah: physical manifestations of imagination
[18.11.2013 18:41:02 | Edited 18:42:11] OhYeah: imagination solidified




Maharani Germany

I want love, healthcare & LSD for everyone. Capitalism causes the most suffering in this world & damage to Earth. I want for all armies to be abolished. We are one of many animal species & not superior. I want the planet to be saved. Return power from the filthy rich to the communities. I want people of all genders to grow their hair out. Every border should be erased. I want a peaceful revolution ... more

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Track Name: Psychotropic Soul - Lucky Charm
Come, let me save you from harm
Just take this voodoo lucky charm

They cast a spell to take your immortal soul away
But I can help you with a remedy from my array
This here herb is just what you need to be saved
You don't want to end up as a zombie slave, ...

(They'll take your soul away
They'll take your soul away)

..., now do you?
I can save you from pain
Just close your eyes and you'll remain sane
No need to be scared
After my treatment, I've never heard anyone complain.
Track Name: Psychotropic Soul - Polaroids (Unfinished)
Pictures of soft and candy metal air
Pictures of your sunny and windy hair

You got soft
Track Name: Psychotropic Soul - Heroin (Unfinished)
This is a story of the most insidious poison of our time - heroin.

Oh heroin, heroin, heroin
Oh heroin, heroin, heroin
Oh heroin, heroin, heroin
Oooh heroin, heroin, heroin
Oooh heroin, heeeeeeeeeeroin